MA | Group Show


On 22 November 2017 the group show “Ma” opens at Luciana Caravello Contemporary Art, exhibiting around 30 recently and previously unseen works dealing with the importance of pausing and silence in a world awash with information. Curated by Luisa Duarte, the show presents paintings, sculptures, objects and interventions by 19 artists: Alexandre Canonico (Pirassununga, SP, 1974), Ana Linnemann (Rio de Janeiro, 1958), André Komatsu (São Paulo, 1978), Anna Maria Maiolino (Scalea, Calábria, Itália, 1942), Daniel Steegmann Mangrané (Barcelona, 1977), Fernanda Gomes (Rio de Janeiro, 1960), Leticia Ramos (Santo Antônio da Patrulha, RS, 1976), Lucas Simões (Catanduva, SP, 1980), Manoela Medeiros (Rio de Janeiro, 1991), Marcius Galan (Indianapolis, EUA, 1972), Maria Laet (Rio de Janeiro, 1982), Mira Schendel (Zurique, 1919 - São Paulo,1988), Nicolás Robbio (Mar del Plata, Argentina, 1975), Paloma Bosquê (Garça, SP, 1982), Rodrigo Cass (São Paulo, 1983), Romain Dumesnil (França, 1989), Túlio Pinto (Brasília, 1974), Valdirlei Dias Nunes (Bom Sucesso, Paraná, 1969) e Vivian Caccuri (São Paulo, 1986)

The works in the exhibition employ a subtle geometry and a toned-down palette of colors, in contrast to the contemporary world awash with images, colors and information that we live in today. “They are works that go against the grain of the current society of spectacle, speed, and hypervisibility”, the curator, Luisa Duarte, explains.

Most of the works in the exhibition are recent or have never been seen before by the general public and some, such as those by Paloma Bosquê, Manoela Medeiros, Rodrigo Cass and Vivian Caccuri, were produced especially for the show. Nevertheless, the curator also chose to include Anna Maria Maiolino’s “Hole in the Side”, part of the 1976/2005 “Object Drawing” series. The iconic piece, which was included because it exemplifies the theme of the show, comprises various cut and pasted pieces of white paper placed in a box made of wood and glass.

Some of the pieces on display use subtle neutral colors, as in the case of the works by Fernanda Gomes, made of wood and white paint, and Valdirlei Dias Nunes’s pair of reliefs, in which sheets of MDF are surrounded by thin strips of cedar wood, as if they were paintings.

In others, the idea of pausing manifests itself in the form of interrupted movement, as in Túlio Pinto’s “Complicity #5”, in which a large concrete slab and a glass ball are held up by string, and Lucas Simões’s “Body of Evidence nr 17”, in which a block of concrete is not fully supported by the ground. Both produce a feeling that the objects could move at any moment. This is also the case in Marcius Galan’s “Vanishing Point” (2015), in which the artist places an iron bar supported by the floor in a gash made in the wall.

“In an age in which art is constantly being asked to make choices and take a position, develop a discourse and report on real-life situations, ‘Ma’ reminds us of the importance of pausing, taking a break, the silence needed before something powerful can be said again”, the curator explains.

The title of the exhibition comes from the Japanese concept of Ma, a word that means experiencing a space that includes temporal and subjective elements. The show follows on from two recent exhibitions curated by Luisa Duarte on the same theme. The title was suggested by a text written by critic and curator Kiki Mazzuchelli on a piece by Paloma Bosquê, which also features in this show.


Luisa Duarte is an art critic and independent curator. She has been working as an art critic for the O Globo newspaper since 2009. She holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica - PUC-SP and is currently studying for a Doctorate in Art Theory at UERJ. She was a member of the MAM-SP’s Board of Consultants for five years (2009-2013) and has curated various exhibitions and the Itaú Cultural Institute’s Visual Arts Directions program (2005/2006). She was part of the curatorial team put together by Hans Ulrich Obrist for “The Insides are on the Outside”, at Casa de Vidro de Lina Bo Bardi, São Paulo, 2013 and co-edited ABC – Arte Brasileira Contemporânea, Cosac & Naify, 2014, with Adriano Pedrosa.