Alexandre Mazza – We are your Light

The 28th of May will see the opening night of the exhibition “We are your Light”, with original artwork by Alexandre Mazza occupying the whole Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea exhibition space. In his fourth solo show at the gallery, the artist will present 15 original works produced this year, including videos and video-installations that enter into dialogue with one another and possess a certain unity, as if they were a single work. They are all based on images of water and waterfalls. The exhibition will be accompanied by a text by the curators Bernardo Mosqueira and Bruno Balthazar.

The artist aims to use the works in this exhibition to draw attention to the miracles that occur around us. “Miracles are not rare. They happen all the time, every second. A constant phenomenon. Miracles should take on a new, less obvious, more important significance. A continuous waterfall is a miracle. Being alive is a miracle. I could have chosen various examples of miracles but I chose water”, the artist explains.

Trained as a musician, Alexandre Mazza worked for 18 years as a bassist and composer and became interested in light and electricity. Since 2008, he has dedicated himself exclusively to what he calls “multiplication of light”, using various materials, such as mirrors, glass, metal, lamps, acrylic and wood. The works in this exhibition represent a continuation of this research.


On the ground floor of the gallery there will be 12 75-inch television screens. Each one shows a video of a waterfall. The image does not enable the location to be identified. The artist is interested only in the image and the energy it brings. In the middle of this room there is an uncut bow-shaped chunk of citrine, bringing the idea of nature into the gallery and truly immersing the viewer.

On the third floor, there are three other works, spread across two rooms. In the first, a television transmits the image of a waterfall that appears to flow into the ground. This optical illusion is made possible by a mirror placed on the floor, reflecting the image and giving the impression that the water is running through a hole in the floor. In the same room, there is a monitor showing an image of a whirlpool, surrounded by earth, as if it had been buried.

Also on the third floor, in the second room, there is a video-installation comprising an acrylic tank containing around 300 liters of water. Projected on it is an image of a riverbed, with sand, stones, and so forth, combining an image of river water with real translucent water.


The central theme of the works of Alexandre Mazza (Ponta Grossa, RS, 1969. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro) is the gaze. It is mainly through objects that the artist confronts the viewers with visual games: with what you see and what you think you see, with real and the imagined. Nominated for the PIPA prize in 2012 and 2014, Mazza has already presented his work in exhibitions at the Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art (MAM Rio), the Hélio Oiticica Arts Center, Caixa Cultural in Rio de Janeiro, among others. His works can be found in various private and public collections, including those of the Rio MAM and the Rio Museum of Art (MAR).


Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea was founded in 2011 and its main aim is to bring together artists of various kinds who work with different styles and subject matter, thereby reflecting the power of diversity in Contemporary Art. Since her time as an art dealer, Luciana Caravello has worked with both emerging artists and established figures and promotes experimentation and multimedia techniques, always seeking out new talent, with no discrimination as to nationality, gender or age.